10 secrets you should never tell your other half


secrets you should never tell your other half

They say honesty is the bedrock of a strong relationship, and they’re right. But there’s a world of difference between honesty and full disclosure. Some things just don’t need to be shared. If you need a little advice on where to draw the line, our guide is the perfect place to start.

Covert surveillance
Almost half of all married man admit to being curious about who their wife is talking to, texting or emailing. If you’ve peeked without permission, confessing is hardly ever a good idea. You’ll look insecure. She’ll be (rightly) furious. Next time she leaves her phone lying around, have a little faith.

Texts from exes
If you have a friendly, healthy relationship with your exes, good for you. Not all partners see it that way, though. Don’t let jealousy rear it’s ugly head. Keep those (innocent, we’re sure) texts to yourself.

Your best sex
That unforgettable, mind-blowing, knee-trembling, heart-stopping sexual encounter you had? That single defining moment in your sexual history? If it wasn’t with your partner, best not to share it with her.

Once a cheater
Nobody’s perfect, and more of us have strayed than we’d like to admit. But even if your misbehaviour is well behind you, think very carefully before sharing it with your current partner. It’s the sort of information that plants seeds in people’s heads, and you might not like what they grow into.

Your porn history
If you can safely share your tastes in pornography with your partner, you’re part of a pretty small and select club. For most of us, porn is something best kept safely away in fantasyland.

Fantasizing about someone else
Everyone has fantasies about the unattainable. But fantasies are just that: fantasies. Does your partner really need to know you have a thing for Angelina (or Brad)? Special hint: if your fantasy involves her sister (or his brother), confessing is probably a really, really bad idea.

I don’t like your (physical feature)
We might have said this before, but nobody’s perfect. Don’t like her nose? Not sure about his hair or his, ahem, anything else? If it’s not something they can change, keep it to yourself.

Things that your ex did and he doesn’t
It’s tempting, especially when you’re angry, to make unflattering comparisons with exes. But here’s the thing: you’re not with them any more. Trust us: this is never, ever a good idea.

‘It’ is not great anymore
If the sex has gone a little stale, it’s up to both of you to make it better. Talk about it. Try new things. No one wants to hear “I’m just not that into you any more”.