7 Things You Need to Have in Your Head for Success


“It’s here. It’s here. It’s here.”

Your success is already here. You just need to open your eyes, look around and accept it.

In a sense, sure, you’re faking it till you make it, but this at least allows you to start to believe that you’re capable of success.

Also, this allows you to know how lucky and successful you already are. Think about how much better off you’re than others, like the homeless, the hungry child in Africa or your friends who are in debt.

Start telling yourself that success is already here. To say otherwise is only creating a mindset of wanting, and that is showing lack in your life.

“I look at how far I’ve come, not how far I am from my goal.”

If you want to reach your goal, then always remember to see how far you’ve come since you started.

Never underestimate that for you’ve done MASSIVE amounts of work and achieved a lot since. It’s easy to downplay this simply because you think you have yet to attain what you want, most commonly riches and fame.

So remember how amazing you are. Just look at how much you’ve done and how come you’ve come. The journey is the goal anyway. It is what that’s going to make you ready for the success you deserve.

“I don’t compare myself to others’ success.”

Success is individual. It always will be. Never judge others for the success that they seem to have. You can’t see the full picture.

As said, your journey is what that is going to make you who you are. You absolutely need this! You’re a unique individual and so, trying to following the same path as others will never work out for you.

You need to focus on your own journey all the way. Keep working on yourself and you’ll see how it will unfold for you. You’d eventually create something on your own and that’s amazing.

 “Be patient.”


It takes time.

Be patient with YOURSELF. Mastery takes a while.

Wanting things to work out fast is like expecting to strike the lottery all the time. It’s only going to make you anxious, fearful and frustrated. So be patient. Take your time and chill out.

“There is no reason to fear.”

The pathway to success is wrought with uncertainty. None of us are psychic. We can’t predict the future.

Yet, you need to embrace uncertainty and make fear your ally.

When you feel scared about something, it means you’re in the right direction. You need to power on through and stop playing safe anyway, because you can fail where you’re safe too.

So stop feeling so scared. Stop whining about how stressed out you are. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Just give it a try and do the work. You’ll be surprised with the results.

 “Look at these other amazing things I’ve done.”

When it comes to success, most people think it’s only about the attaining the money, fame or whatever typical indications. But we tend to forget about the other things we’re GOOD at.

Maybe you’re a great dancer. An enthusiastic stamp collector. A good son. An astounding street performer. A great friend. Don’t underestimate the rest of your life during your journey to success!

Never forget who you are. The things you do make you who you are, and that’s awesome.

“I’m a badass” (This is where you need to exaggerate.)

Maybe your business is struggling, but you’re still a businessman who answers to no boss! You’re making boss-like moves!

Maybe your articles don’t go viral, but you’re still a writer who dares to share your thoughts online. How many actually dares to do that?! You stand out already like a bright light of pure inspiration!

Maybe you don’t have a six-pack yet, but every time you hit the gym you’re way ahead of those who are sitting on the couch.

  • You’re a badass!
  • You’re a spartan.
  • You’re a boss.
  • You’re a champion.
  • See what I did there?

Be more confident in yourself! Stop being so insecure. Your imagination is that powerful so you might as well play it up. This is how you can produce your best work.

I hope you enjoyed the article!