6 Scientific Facts About Cheating That Will Surprise You


Scientific Facts About Cheating That Will Surprise You

CHEATING THAT _1515-aThere is a broad spectrum of what people count as infidelity. Some people believe that emotional affairs are equal to or worse than physical ones, while others believe cheating can only occur when there is a physical act taking place. No matter your personal stance on cheating, here are 6 facts about getting caught in the act that may shock you:

#1 Wednesday Is The Most Popular Day To Cheat

One would think that a wild Friday night would be the most popular time for an affair to take place, but it turns out that hump day trumps all. According to the results from 172,000 interviews conducted through the notorious dating site Ashley Madison, people cheat predominately on Wednesdays between the hours of 5 and 7 pm. So if you’re wondering why your partner is so busy midweek after a long day at the office, it might be best to check in with them.

#2 Rich People Cheat More

It’s true that the more money someone has, the more likely they will feel entitled to be able to do whatever they please. This includes infidelity. A study by the University of Washington found that those who make upwards of $75,000 annually are 1.5 times more likely to have an affair, and that percentage increases with income. Those who make under $30,000 are more faithful to their spouses and partners. Subsequently, those with a lower education level were less likely to stray than those of a higher academic standing. High school dropouts showed to be 1.75 times less likely to cheat than those who finished high school and college.

The study did not follow those who had a lower income and than received a startlingly raise or came into money, which would have been an enlightening perspective.

#3 Women Are More Likely To Cheat When Ovulating

When you’re getting all those fertile feelings, you’re more inclined to stray. UCLA and the University of New Mexico conducted studies that proved ladies tend to be more turned on by men who are not their partners when they are at a certain point in their cycle. This doesn’t mean they physically act on it, but they may find themselves having daydreams about movie stars, the gardener or the hot guy in line at the coffee shop more often.

It is biology that has us wearing brighter, more feminine colours, acting more flirtatious and splashing on some seductive perfume when we’re ovulating. It can be subconscious, but it happens.

#4 Some People Are Genetically Predisposed Cheaters

Not an excuse to go and get busy with someone else, but Binghamton University discovered that the DRD4 gene is present in those who are more apt to stray. This gene is the dopamine receptor or “thrill seeking” gene and it is also linked to gambling and drug and alcohol abuse. Half of the population has this gene in them, but societal conditions and lifestyle choices are what triggers it to activate. We can also blame our parents, because those with this gene who witness infidelity in a familial environment are 73% more likely to commit the crime themselves.

#5 Women Are The Best At Not Getting Caught

That’s right boys! It may not be something to brag about, but us ladies are better at keeping secrets than the guys are. It all comes down to hormones. Men have raging testosterone levels when they cheat, and this can leave them feeling overly confident about their business and that’s when they tend to slip up. Women rely on the fact that their estrogen levels rise and fall within the month, so they don’t run on a surge of hormones all the time. Women tend to think more longterm about their affairs and plan things accordingly. We’re just generally more organized and cautious, it’s in our nature.

#6 The Majority Of Men Cheat With Someone Less Attractive Than Their Partner

It’s not about your partner finding someone more good looking, younger or who has a better bod than you! Out of 4,000 men surveyed by dating site Victoria Milan (Ashley Madison’s half sister?) only a quarter of dudes said that the person they cheated with was hotter than their current partner. Things are different for women though. 50% of cheating wives claim that the person they cheated with was better looking and better in bed than their current partner.

And as for why people cheat in the first place? According to the survey, people cheat because they find a person who is a better listener and who is more understanding than their current partner. It doesn’t come down to a matter of making love, but rather communication.

Do you agree with these findings? Share your thoughts on infidelity with us!

Source: Bustle