12 Things You Should Never Tolerate In a Relationship.


A bad relationship is often the hardest things to spot. You are in love and you want to make it work. You tend to gloss the bad bits in the hope that things will work out later. While some sort of compromise is okay, here are 12 things you should never put up with in a relationship.

  1. Abuse: Many of us put up with emotional or verbal abuse without realising it. While physical abuse is visible, it can takes years before you notice other forms of abuse. If you are constantly put down, or made to feel inadequate maybe you need to walk out of the relationship.
  1. Forced sex: No we don’t only mean a forced act, but generally if you are made to do things that you aren’t comfortable doing, or maybe indulge in the act by force, you need to walk out.
  1. Body shaming: Shaming someone for the way they look is just wrong. If you have a partner who mocks you for being ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ or ‘too tall’ or ‘short’ you need to have a word with him/her and ask him/her to stop. The jokes are insensitive, uncalled for and just plain mean.
  1. Least priority: He can’t always keep you first but if you feel that you always figure last on his priority list, almost like an option that he has to deal with, you are better off without the relationship.
  1. Lack of respect: Love might be the most important thing for your relationship to begin but respect is what will keep it going. Make sure he respects your thoughts and decisions whether he agrees with them or not.
  1. Belittling you aspirations: Be it your career aspirations or personal goals if he is constantly mocking them or making them sound less important than his plans, you need a rethink.
  1. Shaming you about your past: We all have one and if you find him constantly bring up your past mistakes and throwing them in your face and blaming them for current problems, he is definitely not the one.
  1. Controlling your relationships: If he is asking you to stop being in touch with certain friends or members of the family without any definite reason, he might just be a control freak. Walk out now, girl.
  1. Secret relationship: In the initial stages maybe you both don’t want the world to know but despite his claims of being serious if he still refuses to make you meet his family and friends he might be hiding something. You might want to rethink this.
  1. Has problems with trusting you: Does he constantly try to keep tabs on you, force you to show him your personal emails or snoop around in your phone? Even if you have nothing to hide, in principle, this is just wrong. For the relationship to work you both need to trust each other.
  1. Blames you for everything: From that unpaid electricity bill to the numerous problems in your relationship do you seem to get the blame for everything? Any relationship is a two-way street and you both are responsible for the way things turn out.
  1. Refuses to acknowledge your issues: You might have issues with him, his family or maybe his job. But if he refuses to address those problems, brushes them off calling you crazy or accuses you of over thinking, the relationship is definitely not heading in the right direction.

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