For Guys: 10 Best ways to handle a lady and she loves you till death


Dear guys, to make a lady love you more, there are things you must start doing for her and there are things that you must stop doing. Some of the things you do and think they are good may turn sour in a lady’s ears and at the end distort everything. Here are the 10 things you should do to make a lady love you more

  • Do not tell a lady that she is sexy. Tell her that she is beautiful. Ladies hate calling them sexy its as if you are seeing her as a “meat” she is just a sex object. Always call her beautiful, the love that more.
  • Do not tell a lady that you love her because she is nice. Tell her that you love her for a reason you cannot explain.
  • Do not look at her boobs when talking to her. Look into her eyes when talking to her. Youwill see her offering herself to you
  • Do not ask her the colour of her bra and undies. Ask her about her favourite colours. The former seems like a flirting language. She will just understand that you are about having sex with her period.
  • Do not be in a hurry to take her to your house. Establish a strong friendship first. She will be the one that will beg you to come to your house.
  • Be nice. Be friendly. Don’t just be a lover but be a friend with her also. Talk to her deep things that are not even related to your relationship. Counsel her when she is problems, advise her when she is in dilemma, she will always be yours.
  • Never you demand for sex when she visits your house for the first time. She may hate you for that and you will not see her in your house again.
  • You don’t need to display cash and pretend to have money just to impress her. Use your character to impress her.
  • Respect her opinions. Don’t undermine and devalue her opinions
  • Listen and pay attention when she speaks.

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